HIP Week 2022 VHIMA Member Spotlight

Kim Spencer, VP, IMS at EMI Imaging

Kim Spencer is an experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She has 34 years of management and consulting experience in Health Information Management processes for document management and digital imaging throughout the eastern states.  Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Healthcare Administration.  She has several licenses and certifications such as her CHPS through AHIMA, HIPAA Privacy Administrator, an HR Certification, ERMp (Electronic Records Manager-practitioner) just in case you didn’t know what that meant. One that we probably all don’t know about Kim is that she is a Licensed and Armed Private Investigator through the Department of Criminal Justice Services! These are just a few of Kim’s accomplishments. Her years of service with VHIMA have included leading as Newsletter Editor, Silent Auction Chair, Exhibitor Team Chair, 1st & 2nd Year Delegates, Vice President, President-elect, 2020-21 President, and is currently serving as the VHIMA Past President.

Highlights about Kim from VHIMA Membership

Kim Spencer leads with her heart.  She always looks out for and supports those around her.  She gives 100+% in everything she does.  Her attention to detail keeps us all on track.  She never misses a beat. She does not hesitate to help when she sees an area of opportunity or someone struggling.  She has given her heart to the VHIMA organization for the better part of the last decade and her dedication has enabled VHIMA to grow.  WE could not have been successful in making so many of the changes that we have made over the past few years without her.

Kathleen Scott

1st Year Director, VHIMA

Kim Spencer is a true Trooper for HIM.  I first met Kim years ago while working at a hospital in the Tidewater Regional area of Virginia.  Kim was the imaging vendor for the hospital. At that time, it wasn’t referred to as imaging but rather microfilming!  It was Eastern Microfilm.   She was such a pleasant person and very easy to talk to.  Although she didn’t know it, Kim was already setting herself up to be the Exhibitor Chairperson for VHIMA back then!  She attended many Annual Conferences as a Vendor and so she knew firsthand what the vendors needed and wanted.  She continued to support VHIMA over the years and became a very active participant outside of her vendor role but moved into various Board positions and ultimately was what I term VHIMA’s Pandemic President! After many years of service to VHIMA, Kim will be transitioning off the Board at the end of this VHIMA fiscal year. We are all going to miss Kim however we will definitely remember that Kim is only a phone call away! Thanks Kim for all you have done and continue to do for VHIMA.

Norma Jackson

Treasurer, VHIMA

Kim has a love for people, VHIMA, and the HIM profession. In 2020 when many in HIM were able to work remote, Kim’s work was greatly reduced since customers were not allowing anyone non-essential into their facilities. This turned into a huge blessing for VHIMA. Kim spent many hours creating a documented budget for the future Presidents. She also worked diligently with Annessa at AHIMA to understand the monthly reports we receive on members, nonmembers, drops, and new credentialed members. AND there are many more things she probably worked on that I don’t know about. 

Kim also started sending handwritten notes to each new member! The message was welcoming and sincere. We have a few of them to reach out wanting to know more and volunteer. Does Kim send an email back? Nope! She schedules a phone call with the new member to create that relationship which she offered in the note. 

I could write more about Kim because she has done so much for VHIMA and the HIM profession, and this is why she was chosen for the HIP 2022 Week Member Spotlight!

Tonya Deborde

2021-2022 VHIMA President, VHIMA