President’s Message

Dear VHIMA Members:

I want to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your time with family and friends is memorable and full of thanksgivings.

I am very thankful for the member volunteers who have stepped up to assist with the Program, Nominations, Arrangements, Exhibitors, Scholarship, Registration and not to mention those who have graciously volunteered to be a VHIMA Board Member.  I couldn’t do my job as President without each volunteer. If you have voiced your willingness to volunteer and haven’t heard from me, would you please reach out to me at I may not have received your name and contact information correctly.

It has been suggested that the theme for the 2022 VHIMA Annual Spring Conference be “Remember the past; aim for the future”. As I ponder the theme, the past for some may be hard to let go of, especially if related to a bad experience. Let’s remember the past for good and leave the bad experiences there to be forgotten and aim for the future of VHIMA by embracing those who step up to graciously volunteer their time for all VHIMA members. But let’s also think about the changes we as HIM professionals have seen, been through and continue to experience, especially in the last two years. Did you make it through the changes once more? Be thankful for that and remember change can be good for you as a person and a professional.

The Nominating Committee is reaching out to members for service on the 2022-2023 VHIMA Board. If you would like to nominate someone or even yourself to run for a position on the Board, contact Patty Hall at  Positions open this year are Secretary, 1st year Director, and President-Elect, which is the only position that requires previous Board experience. Please think about placing your name on the ballot to serve VHIMA and its members!

As another year is fast ending, look for announcements for upcoming items for you, VHIMA members.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Tonya Deborde, MS, RHIA, CCS
2021-2022 VHIMA President